1. "Jesus has already assigned you more worth than you could ever create or accumulate."
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    jimmys face in the last frame tho omg

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    PHOTO OP: Hamster Moon

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  9. "In brief, what I needed was more Jesus, not more discipline."
    — Jonathan K. Dodson

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    The Fall 2014 Neiman Marcus catalogue. *Dressed

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  13. First, you hear the speculations. The mum prides herself on being observant and claims that something terrible has happened. When asked why, she feeds me the information that dad came in with a soaked bag.

    Considering that we all came together and I am obviously dry, how on earth could the bag get wet?

    Dad then comes in with a foul temper. This is the first clue that indeed something terrible happened. Daddy’s never the kind to handle any kind of adversity or stress. He snaps at the tiniest prick. 

    I never did finish writing this story and now I will possibly never know what happened (no thanks to my brilliant memory).

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    Totes? Totes. (Photography by Jeff Vallee)

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